Is Your Cart a Top Google Analytics Landing Page?

If the title didn’t resonate with you, and you have an e-commerce website, go do this right now: In a landing page report, look for your shopping cart. You might just see something like this: That’s messed up. The screen shot above is from a search landing page report over a 3 day window. There can’t be that…

Email Marketing Laziness Rocks

Because the marketing efforts by Musicians Friend & Guitar Center are so lazy, I’m going to follow their lead and not bother writing more than 50 words in this post. I’ve gotten more than one of these emails… Yes, some high paid manager decided it was worth sending this twice. Idiots.  

Improving Restaurant Reviews with Basic Data Visualization

improved review1

Like many, I rely on various restaurant review sites before making a decision to try a new eatery.  However, every major site has a huge flaw.  They aggregate ratings throughout the history of the restaurant. This would be fine if restaurants were run by robots and immune to changes in staff and quality over time….

What If We Just Slowed Down?

2-13-2014 12-44-37 PM

In the early days of the internet, it was all about accessibility.  You could find up to date information on all sorts of topics.  You could join newsgroups and constantly learn more about your favorite subjects without waiting for books to be published. Then things got bigger.  Lots bigger. And then we had twitter and…

The JC Penney Fake Twitter Super Bowl Controversy…


It’s not official, but I’m calling it regardless.  Twitter blew up after this happened: And then this:   Plenty of comments about drunken social media mistakes, and PR disasters and the like.  It was one of those funny moment where we collectively rejoice in someone surely losing their job. JCP seemingly regrouped nicely enough with…

Is Time Up for Mike McCarthy & Aaron Rodgers?

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For the third straight year, the Packers lost in the playoffs.  For most teams, this wouldn’t be so terrible, but the Packers feature one of the two or three best quarterbacks of the past decade.  Someone who is believed to be a sure fire Hall of Famer.  A quarterback who has nine seasons behind him…

Ted Thompson 1st and 2nd Round Draft Picks

Just throwing some data out there. Link to larger view

More Self-Serving Social Media Marketing

The above image is the featured part of an email I received from a regional chain of hardware stores.  First off, not a prime candidate for an exciting social media campaign, but there’s always hope they can make it work.  My hopes were low when I saw the subject line “Let’s get social!”. But fine,…

I don’t want to jam. Is that rude?

“We should jam sometime!” If you play guitar, you hear this often.  I usually don’t even tell people I play guitar (it’s almost like I’m ashamed), but it still comes up eventually in conversation.  And if it happens to come up with another guitarist, all too often you’ll be presented with the invitation to jam….

Les Paul Smartwood Project: Complete!

So back in, oh maybe ’99 or ’00, I got this Les Paul Smartwood.  I guess it’s technically a “Smartwood Studio”.  I believe the wood on this one is Peroba, but I really don’t know anymore.  I do know that it was ugly out of the box.  I got it for a very low price…